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Our Services

Marketing Team and Show Room

The show room presents samples of all products for visitors and customers, visitors can also order directly their need and receive their orders on place without visiting the factory, visitors can also visit the factory and order their requirements.

Sales and Marketing

(No business last long without sales of its goods and services)

The sales and marketing team are responsible for making the products look appealing and help customers in choosing their best choice, the team is always researching the market of the products through surveys.

They do their best to introduce the products into the marketplace.

Our sales and marketing team with the innovation and talent they have, are capable of:

  • Focus on the customers need.
  • Monitor the competition in the marketplace.
  • Brand growth and recognition.
  • Vendors and direct suppliers.
  • Build new ideas.
  • Manage and control marketing budget while having ads and promotional stuff.
  • Set the sales and marketing strategy.